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Yoonus As-Sadafi’ said:

“I have never seen a wiser man than Ash-Shafi`ee, I was arguing with him one day about an issue and I left him. One day, he met me, held my hand and said: ‘Cannot we be brothers, even if we disagree about something‘?”

Siyar A’laam An-Nubalaa’ 10/16

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Ibn Al-Qayyim, rahimahullaah, said:

“When Allah granted Prophet Yoosuf (`alayhis-Salaam) physical beauty it caused him to be locked up in the prison; but when Allah granted him knowledge (when he interpreted the dream of the king) it not only took him out of prison, but elevated his rank in society, clearly showing us the virtue of knowledge and that physical beauty does not mean anything.

Al-‘Ilm wa Fadhluhu wa Sharafuhu p. 32

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