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Ibn Al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) said:

“It has been said: ‘Sincerity is to forget the creation seeing you because of continually looking towards the Creator. Whoever adorns himself before the people with what he does not possess, has fallen from Allah’s grace.’”

(Madaarij As-Salikeen, 2/70)

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 Indeed, We guided him to the way, be he grateful or be he ungrateful.

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Shaykh al Allamah Muhammad ibn Uthaymeen rahimahullah:

At-Tasmeeya (Saying Bismillah) in the Shar’iah can be a condition for the correctness of the action, and it could be obligatory, and it could be a Sunnah, and it could be a Bid’ah (Innovation):

It would be a condition for the correctness of an action: Like in slaughtering and hunting, so it is not dropped – upon what is correct – not intentionally nor ignorantly, and not out of forgetfulness.

It would be obligatory: Like in the Wudu

It would be Mustahab (Recommended): Like the Tas’miya (Saying Bismillah) when eating – upon the view of the majority (of the scholars) – and some of the scholars have said that it is obligatory, and that is what is correct.

It would be a Bid’ah (Innovation): Like if he says the Tas’miya before the Athan, example, if he wants to make Athan he says “Bismillah al Rahmaan al Raheem”!, and likewise with the Salah.

And as for the recitation of the Quran: Then it (the Basmala) is said at the beginning of the Surah.

As for in the course of the Surah (anywhere in the Surah other than the beginning): Then some of the scholars have said that it is recommended to say “Bismillah”, and other scholars have refuted this -and it is correct – and said: “Allah has not ordered us before reciting Quran except with ” Authu Billahi min ash Shaytaan ar Rajeem”, so if you intend on reciting from in the course of the Surah then do not do Tas’miya.


Sharh Mumti , (1/161، 162-163)

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