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A bloody day in Dammaj

Yesterday was a bloody day in dammaj, Saada.

Two days after signing a peace treaty, Houthis started a military aggression on the mostly unarmed inhabitants of Dammaj.

Houthis used heavy machines and artillery including tanks.

the attack resulted in 22 dead students and 51 wounded. Those wounded students are still bleeding until this moment due to the siege imposed by Houthis who have prevented ambulance from going into the markaz. Houthis have also been sniping at anyone who walks out in the markaz to go to the Masjid or anyone who tries to collect the dead bodies or treat the wounded.

Some of the dead students were foreign nationals, two Americans, two Indonesians, Two Russians and one Malaysian.

This Houthi assault has forced the students to engage Houthis in a defensive battle and causalities were also reported on Houthis side. The exact number of dead Houthis is unknown but sources said 20 were killed and many were wounded.

Also, the students said they have captured ten Houthis alive.

The students in Dammaj have reported that they saw fire blazing in Houthis tanks and vehicles.

That was not all for Houthis as they have been engaged in fierce fighting by local tribes who were infuriated by their expansionist tactics. Some local sources in Yemen said that more than 150 Houthis were killed by local tribe fighters in a near by area called Hijjah.

Meanwhile, Shaykh Yahya bin Ali Al-Hajooree, the head of darul-hadeeth in dammaj has called yesterday for Jihaad in Dammaj to fend off the aggression of Houthis. He said in an audio that was published online”We were being oppressed under this siege for 40 days. Then came the sniping and the bombarding with heavy artillery. We are not assailants and we are not prepared to run away. We did our best and tried to send delegations but Houthis have refused but to seize our place, our wealth and our women”.

He then added that waging Jihaad against Houthis is one of the greatest deeds because they are transgressors.

Sources: http://marebpress.net/news_details.php?lng=arabic&sid=38143


Please keep our brothers and sisters in your du’aas.

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Brothers and sisters please make as much effort as you can to make Dua for Dammaj, especially at times when Allah does not reject the Dua of his servant.


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Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu ‘ala rasulullaah

… Amma-ba’d

It has reached us with sadness what the rawaafidhs are doing, the enemies of islam and the enemies of the companions (radhiyAllahu anhum) such as boycotting and treating our salafi brothers in Dammaj and the salafi sunni markas out of hate and enmity towards Islam and its people.

We encourage our brothers in Dammaj to stick firm to the sunnah and have patience and seek assistance from Allah in fighting off this transgressions and enmity of the rawaafidhs. Its upon our brothers the ahlul sunnah to stand up against this transgression and to unite in cleaning the filth of the rawaafids in yemen and other than it, if they are able to do so.

Allah says: Verily, Allâh will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allâh is All-Strong, All-Mighty. (Al-Hajj 22:40)

He also says :And there is no victory except from Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. That He might cut off a part of those who disbelieve, or expose them to infamy, so that they retire frustrated. (Aali Imran 3:126-127)

Indeed the conflict between ahlu sunnah and the rawaafids is an conflict of Islam and Kufr (disbelieve) so its upon the people of the sunnah where ever they are in yemen and other then it to rise up in aiding their brothers with your presence and wealth and we ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to break the backs of the rawaafid and all the enemies of Islam where ever they may be.

Indeed Allah is All Hearing of Dua.

Written by rabi’e ibn haadi Umair almadkhali
(the sheikh out of humbleness didn’t refer to himself as sheikh)

30/10/2011- 4/12/1432
Translated by Abu Zakariyah al Ishaaqee and Abu Abdurrahman al Majerteeni

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Wallaahi this is sad news. May Allah guide the Shi’a and protect Dammaj and its people.

Our brother Musa Millington may Allah preserve him on Trinimuslims mentions:

Insha Allah, we must remember the statement of the Prophet  that actions are more loved in these 10 days more than other days. And from these actions is to make du’a for your brothers.

Right now Dar Ul Hadeeth is being surrounded by the Rafidah Shi’a and they are stopping the transportation of necessities to Dar Ul Hadeeth, they have even gone as far as preventing some of the brothers from going to Hajj!!

Remember them in your du’a.


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