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Muhammad bin Al-Qaasim said:

I accompanied Muhammad bin Aslam for more then 20 years, and I never saw him pray two supererogatory rak’ahs, except on the day of jumu’ah. On one occasion, I heard him take an oath: ”By Allaah if I was able to pray a supererogatory where my two angels could not see me, I would do so out of fear of showing off.” He used to enter his house and close his door. I was never aware of what he would get up to until I heard his young son conversing how he used to cry. However when he used to go outside, he would wash his face and apply kohl, and no sign of him crying would be visible. He used to provide for a people and clothe them, but when he would send his Messenger, he used to say: Make sure they dont know who sent you.

As Siyaar, 12/201

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