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Enjoy masculine qualities; which include bravery, forthrightness, noble manners and giving for the sake of good causes until the ambitions of men [die] before reaching your level.

Equally, beware of the qualities that oppose them (i.e. the qualities) such as being unconfident, impatient, and weak in nobility for indeed they destroy knowledge, and cut off the tongue from speaking the truth, and they lead him headlong to his enemies in [such] a state where they (i.e. the opposing qualities) brush the faces of the pious amongst [Allaah’s] slaves with their poisons.

  • Transcribed from: The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge | Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd

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An excerpt from: The Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge

… to adorn oneself with beautiful etiquette, noble manners, good behavior, and pious conduct are distinguishing characteristics of the people of Islam, and knowledge – the most precious pearl in the crown of the purified Sharee’ah – cannot be attained except by those who adorn themselves with its etiquette and those who leave evil qualities associated to it.

-Shaykh Bakr Abū Zayd rahimahullaah

This work is so beneficial, that Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen himself rahimahullaah did a sharh (explanation) of it.

One of my favourite books wa lilaahil hamd.  Buy it inshaaAllaah.

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