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Below is a brief summary of Shaykh Ramzaan’s beautiful advice during his stay here in Toronto. A friend took these notes for the sisters who weren’t able to attend to benefit, may Allaah reward her, aameen.

“Below are some beautiful words of advice by our shaykh Muhammed ibn Ramzaan al-Haajiri that I wanted to share with my sisters in Islam around the world who couldn’t make it to the event since this wasn’t broadcasted online. This advice was giving to us at the sisters event called General Guidelines for the Muslim Women at masjid al-Furqaan/Troid on July 17, 2011. This just a summary of the advice, I’m a sure I have missed some point here and there so sisters if you have something that I missed please share. Lastly may Allaah reward the shaykh for visiting us and benefiting us. I’m sure it’s not easy for him to leave his home, family and travel such a far distance. May grant him safely on his way back home and preserve him, aameen.


First of all the shaykh said to remember Allaah and to have taqwa of Allaah and to thank Allaah for the great blessing of al-Islaam and the sunnah. Know that Allaah wants good for you so you should comply with what Allaah has commanded the sisters to do. Also know that the rules and regulations of Islam are for your own good. Everything that Allaah commands has great benefit whether you have knowledge of it or not. For this reason the women have rules and regulations like the men have rules and regulation. Some are specifically for the men likewise some are specifically for the women. An example is that of praying at the masjid, it is obligatory for the men to pray at the masjid when the women can pray at home. Likewise there are those pertaining to how men and women live at home in their families. Other rulings pertaining to worship, fasting, hajj, some are specific to men, others are specific to women. Men are made as test for women and women are made as test for men. You have to endure this test with patience. The mahram for the women is at the women’s service, not as a spy but to protect her, serve her and make things easy for her. That’s why women are preserved from a young age, as a child her father takes care of her, when she gets married her husband, than her son. Not because she can’t take care of herself, but to be at her service. The women in the presence of man she feels secure. May Allaah give us safety, security and belief/eemaan.”

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