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Shaykh, ‘Allaamah , Saaleh ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan
All perfect praise is for Allaah , The Lord of All the worlds. And may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon our Prophet Muhammad , his family and his companions.

To proceed :
Surely The issues of aqeedah (creed) , are very important matters. It is a must to learn all of the aqeedah , in all its branches and all the matters relating to it. And also (it is a must) to refer to the people of knowledge. It does not suffice to just put forth questions and getting the answers. This is because no matter how many questions are asked and answered ; there will still be much ignorance. Thus it is a must on the one who wants benefit for himself , and benefit for his muslim brothers ; to learn the ‘aqeedah (creed) from its beginning to its end . And to study into into different sections and branches , and to refer and study from the Scholars. And to take the aqeedah from the original beneficial books , the books of the Salaf u saalih ; And at this point ; he or she will cease to be in ignorance , and will have no need of too many questions. And also (at this point) he will be able to clarify to the people the correct aqeedah. And to teach the ignorant ; the correct aqeedah. This is because he will have insight and knowledge in aqeedah (because of studying and referring to the scholars).

Also, [ it has to be known ] that one should not learn the aqeedah from reading in books only ; this is because he will not get the foundations and the essence of it -from these books only. Rather he has to take these from the scholars , and the people of insight ; those who have a great understanding of the aqeedah , those who have wisdom on the issues of aqeedah. This is our advice : an obligation to those who are students of knowledge.

As for the matter of having so many questions in the matters of aqeedah , the cause is :
– either from people who haven’t studied before .
– Or people who speak about matters of aqeedah by ignorance , or by only having read books .
And this only increases in the blindness , and leads to problems on top of problems , and it invalidates the efforts (of spreading the correct aqeedah) , and it leads to differing. This is because the level of understanding is different within everybody ; therefore if we resort to our own reading and understandings – without taking the knowledge from its sources and referring to the Scholars – then this will lead to differing , and oppositions in this very important matter. And this religion of ours , has come to us with agreement and consensus , and lack of divisions. And the religion has come with allegiance to the people of ‘Eeman (faith) and adversity to the kuffar (disbelievers) ; But all of these are not complete except by reffering the matters of the religion from the sources (Quran and Sunnah) , and from the scholars who carry this Deen (religion) from those before them (the Salaf) , and they learnt it from them (those before them) , and they teach those after them. This is the path of the correct knowledge: in aqeedah and in all other matters. But the emphasis on aqeedah is more important , because it is the foundation . And if there is going to be differences in it ; then that will be an opportunity for misguidance , and an opportunity of differing between the Muslims. And also we don’t need any new innovations to be authored in matters of aqeedah. Rather , sufficient for us ; are the books of the scholars of the Salaf , and those who follow them.

And with Allaah is guidance.

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