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really beneficial lecture not only on the akhlaaq between husband and wife, but the akhlaaq men and women should strive to possess in general.


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The individuals who run around talking about the Scholars, are like the individuals who cry about wu’du. “Man I got to, GOT to make wu’du”, well go ahead and make wu’du? “I dont know how”. The sit around cryin’ about Jihad and talking about the Scholars but they dont know how to make Wu’du. They cant tell you the conditions of wu’du, the Shuruut of wu’du….If the Scholars aint doin’ nothing, YOU DO SOMETHING. Why dont they? Cuz they all about talk..

Abu Uways, rahimahullaah

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Read the transcribed lecture here http://www.abdurrahman.org/faith/decrease-After-the-Increase-Of-Eemaan.html

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